Daily Dispatch reports Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Blackhearts Use Realistic Simulations To Practice Life-Saving Skills

It’s Healthcare Simulation Week, which is meant to highlight professionals who use simulation practices to improve safety, efficiency and effectiveness of their jobs. In light of this, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s Blackheart Extrication Team and the University of Miami Gordon Center for Simulation teamed up to give an inside look at the type of work they do. At their training center, they recreated a crash scene, where a car was flipped on its side and a person was trapped inside who needed rescuing. While it may look real, it was all just a drill. “Simulation plays a large role in improving the techniques and the hands-on skills we apply to certain situations,” said Captain Michael Ung with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue National Healthcare Simulation Week Extrication Demo (9/15/2020)

Members of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s Team Blackheart demonstrated their skills at the Fire Rescue Training Center on Tuesday morning, as part of National Healthcare Simulation Week. The Blackhearts, Technical Rescue certified MDFR firefighters, have participated in global competitions and garnered numerous awards, including a first place finish in the 2019 Florida Extrication Challenge. National Healthcare Simulation Week runs through Friday.