Instructor Training


The current requirements to become an ASLS® instructor are:

  • Active licensure or certification as a healthcare professional whose responsibilities include caring for patients at risk for a stroke
  • Education experience as a trainer or adult educator (minimum 6 months recommended)
  • Alignment with a registered ASLS® Training Center authorized by the GCRME to teach the curriculum
  • Successful completion of an ASLS® Instructor Course, which has as prerequisites:
  • Completion within prior year of an ASLS® Provider Course with a minimum posttest score of 85%
  • Documentation from TC attesting to instructor potential
  • Submission to the Gordon Center of:
  • Completed Instructor Registry application form, including digital agreement to abide by the ASLS®

Program Guidelines

  • Current Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
  • Conflict of interest disclosure statement.

ASLS® Instructor Card

Upon successful completion of an ASLS® instructor course and submission of the required documents listed above, a candidate will be issued an ASLS® instructor card as evidence of membership in the ASLS® Instructor Registry and authorization to teach ASLS® classes under the auspices of a registered TC. The wallet card, included as part of the instructor course fee, includes a series of unique numbers linked to the Gordon Center database for verification of authenticity. Instructor status must be renewed by the 2-year expiration date indicated on the card. To be eligible to renew, instructors must teach four ASLS® classes within each two-year period.

Training Options

It is recommended that institutions have at least four instructors trained to more easily yield at least two available to teach at any one time.

ASLS® classes at the Gordon Center, through the use of break-out sessions, bring together both prehospital and hospital healthcare providers. Having a mixed audience enhances the discussions. For the convenience of out-of-town visitors needing both provider and instructor courses, the classes are scheduled on consecutive days. Dates and course fees can be found at

To have a sizeable group trained at one time, GCRME instructors can conduct training at your location, ideal for sharing with sister hospitals, consortia or organized through an outside party, such as the Department of Health. The price for off-site training is for both audiences - prehospital or hospital - and is based upon a class of up to 24. The training package also includes a complete instructor toolkit. Reimbursement of travel expenses for our instructors is additional. If you are interested in having a training in your community, the Gordon Center will work with you on finding a mutually satisfactory date or dates. Call 305-243-6491 or e-mail

Already an ASLS® Instructor?

Those who became an ASLS® instructor prior to February 2011 may apply for current ASLS® instructor status if they:

  • Completed an ASLS® instructor course taught by Gordon Center faculty or one of the instructors authorized by the GCRME to conduct instructor courses
  • Stayed current with the ASLS® curriculum updates
  • Actively taught ASLS® classes in the last two years.

For consideration, candidates must submit to the Gordon Center the same documents as listed above for new instructors. Upon acceptance and payment of a $15 fee for membership in the Instructor Registry, the applicant will be issued an ASLS® instructor card with an expiration date of two years from the effective date of the new instructor control system. Instructors may only continue teaching upon alignment with a registered ASLS® TC authorized by the GCRME to teach the curriculum.

Applying for Instructor Registry

Click here to apply for membership in the ASLS® Instructor Registry.