This curriculum offers health care providers the training to make a rapid evaluation, stabilize, and care for stroke patients. Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States suffers from a stroke; and every 4 minutes, some dies. Having the skills to administer emergency care during the “golden window” of time improves the patient’s survivability and prognosis.

Developed by the Gordon Center, the ASLS® curriculum is widely used by hundreds of hospitals, fire rescue, ambulance and EMS systems, and educational institutions throughout the country and around the globe.

ADVANCED STROKE LIFE SUPPORT (ASLS ®) curriculum is suited for:

  • Paramedics and Emergency Medical Personnel
  • Residents
  • Fellows
  • Nursing students and nurses
  • Medical students
  • Physicians in training and practice
  • Physician assistants

This curriculum:

  • Developed by experts in stroke, emergency medicine, prehospital care, and nursing education
  • Provides a unique neurologic assessment tool-the MEND exam-ideal for both prehospital and hospital use
  • Designed to meet the education requirements for Joint Commission certified stroke centers
  • Identifies the five main stroke syndromes and relate them to pathophysiology and clinical signs
  • Incorporates videos to visually demonstrate the neurologic exam on a normal patient and on a patient exhibiting signs that mimic a stroke, as well as characteristics associated with the various stroke syndromes
  • Utilizes diagnostic test scans and x-rays, illustrations, and animation
  • Is continuously assessed through written examinations of cognitive skills and course evaluations

Special Features:

The curriculum offers hands-on skills training, during which instructors simulate stroke syndromes. Learners also are assessed with the MEND Examination, a unique neurologic assessment tool developed with the course.

  • Computer-based multimedia skills training, interactive discussions, and didactic sessions

Added Benefits:

  • Saves faculty time
  • A site license allows an unlimited number of learners to use this curriculum
  • Trains students, paramedics, EMTs, residents, physicians, physician assistants, nurses and nurse practitioners. Hundreds of learners can be trained each year in a typical medical center, making the cost per learner nominal

Training centers using ASLS

The ASLS® curriculum is widely used by hundreds of hospitals, fire rescue, ambulance and EMS systems, and educational institutions throughout the United States. Region and statewide implementation has frequently been facilitated by state departments of health, stroke registries, clinical and educational consortia, and professional associations. ASLS® is also taught in Hong Kong, Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Mexico.

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