UMedic Cardiology Curriculum

UMedic Cardiology Curriculum offers 20 case-based programs that teaches bedside skills, features video demonstrations of "Harvey," the full-size manikin cardiopulmonary patient simulator, and provides a comprehensive patient evaluation and respective treatments.

UMedic Cardiology Curriculum curriculum is suited for:

  • Medical students at all levels
  • Residents
  • Fellows
  • Nurses and nursing students
  • Physicians in training and practice and non-neurology practitioners
  • Physician assistants

This Curriculum:

  • Includes current procedures for patient evaluation
  • Offers current medical and surgical therapy
  • Provides pulmonary findings for each condition

Special Features:

The curriculum offers four different series covering many congenital and acquired cardiac modalities. The content of each program includes the entire patient encounter (laboratory data and treatment are omitted in the "bedside only" option).

  • Bedside Findings
    • Blood pressure and pulses, precordial movements, cardiac & pulmonary auscultation
  • Laboratory Data
    • CBC & blood chemistries, electrocardiograms, X-rays and other imaging
  • Treatment
    • Features videos of interventional therapy and surgery
  • Pathophysiology Discussions
    • Key teaching points and remediation
    • Case review by authoritative cardiologists

Added Benefits:

  • A site license allows an unlimited number of learners to use this curriculum
  • Hundreds of learners can be trained each year in a typical medical center, making the cost per learner nominal
  • Saves faculty time