Neurologic Findings

NEUROLOGIC FINDINGS is a clinical neurology course required of all graduating medical students.

Neurologic conditions such as stroke, Parkinson's disease, neuropathy and tremor are encountered in many practice settings; therefore, practitioners should be able to identify key abnormal neurologic findings.

NEUROLOGIC FINDINGS curriculum is suited for:

  • Clerkship training
  • Residents
  • Medical students at all levels
  • Nurses, nurse practitioners and nursing students
  • Physicians in training and practice and non-neurology practitioners
  • Physician assistants

This Curriculum:

  • Is based on the American Academy of Neurology's guidelines
  • Effectively teaches the identification of 26 important neurologic findings

Special Features:

  • Practice exercises following each section with immediate feedback
  • Self-assessment section with immediate feedback and discussion
  • Practice exercises following each section with immediate feedback
  • Printable pocket-card to carry as a reminder

Added Benefits:

  • A site license allows an unlimited number of learners to use this curriculum
  • Hundreds of learners can be trained each year in a typical medical center, making the cost per learner nominal
  • Ability to create a standardized learning experience for students learning neurology
  • These 26 important neurologic conditions are unlikely to change much over time so our curriculum can be used for many years
  • Saves faculty time