Essential ECG

ESSENTIAL ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY web-based program teaching the widely-used skill of ECG interpretation.

ESSENTIAL ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY I, II and III curricula are suited for:

  • Medical students
  • Medical Residents
  • Physicians
  • Nurses and nurse practitioners
  • Physician Assistants

ECG I is best suited for basic nurses, and the ECG II and III programs are suited for advanced practice nurses.

This curriculum:
  • ECG I is primarily a learning program and introduces elements of ECG interpretation
  • ECG II is a case-based program on interpreting the most important ECG patterns
  • ECG III is a program on interpreting the most important arrhythmias
  • ECG II and III have Learning, Practice and Testing sections
Special Features:
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Excellent animations
  • Immediate feedback on the Practice and Testing sections
Added Benefits:
  • Teaches orderly approach to interpretation
  • Learning, practice and testing sections (ECG II)
  • Developed by a consortium of educators
  • Incorporates latest curricular design
  • Saves faculty time
  • A site license allows an unlimited number of learners to use this curriculum
  • Hundreds of learners can be trained each year in a typical medical center, making the cost per learner nominal
  • Essential Electrocardiography I, II and III are programs that are unlikely to change over time, and can be used for many years