Essential Auscultation

ESSENTIAL CARDIAC AUSCULTATION is a web-based program that will teach the 12 most important findings, known as “The Big 12," and their respective pathophysiology. The Big 12, chosen from national surveys and emphasized by certification boards, is presented along with Harvey, the cardiopulmonary patient simulator, to enhance the learning experience and improve bedside skills.

ESSENTIAL CARDIAC AUSCULTATION curriculum is suited for:

  • Residents in Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine
  • Nurses and Nursing Students
  • Physician Assistant Students

This curriculum:

  • Reviews goals and approach to cardiac auscultation
  • Presents findings on Harvey, The Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator
  • Allows repetitive practice of all findings at different heart rates
  • Provides immediate feedback and a summary of findings to review

Special Features:

  • Interactive case-based presentations
  • Correlation of findings with pressure and volume curves
  • Graphic animations of auscultatory findings
  • Your involvement by mimicking heart sounds & murmurs

Added Benefits:

  • A site license allows an unlimited number of learners to use this curriculum
  • Ability to effectively teach bedside skills to so many different populations
  • Hundreds of learners can be trained each year in a typical medical center, making the cost per learner nominal
  • Includes self-learning which reduces instructor time and the cost and inconvenience of finding patients with certain bedside findings