NAVRA Presentation – Point of Care Ultrasound – Monday, November 13, 2023

Posted on November 9th, 2023

Come join us at the 2023 NAVRA, for an in-person event showcasing the power of Point of Care Ultrasound in Trauma by the University of Miami Gordon Center.
In recent years, the use of point of care emergency ultrasound (POCUS) has become a rapidly growing field. In emergency medicine, US has been integrated for rapid diagnostic and procedural capabilities. There is increasing evidence that US has a role in out-of-hospital emergency care and with the advent of lower cost portable devices, the use of US in EMS is growing. Prehospital Ultrasound may be beneficial in the diagnosis and management of trauma and critically ill patients. EMS providers, with the appropriate training, can acquire and interpret ultrasound images and address prehospital diagnosis in real-time.