Become a Training Center

The Gordon Center makes its continuing education curricula in stroke, airway management, acute coronary syndromes, and emergency response to terrorism available for utilization by hospitals, educational institutions, fire rescue and EMS departments, ambulance companies, and health departments. In coordination with the training of instructors, these programs come complete with ready-to-use instructor tools, student materials, and a lengthy history of effectiveness verified by outcomes studies.

With the Advanced Stroke Life Support® curriculum, we are embarking on a new model that also encompasses centralized oversight, data collection, continuing education credit, and renewable course completion cards. For background on the ASLS® curriculum, including course description, objectives, course agendas, and pricing, visit The steps to becoming an ASLS® Training Center (TC) follow.

To institute your own training program in Airway Management—Principles and Practice (AMPP), Emergency Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS), or our 16-hour Emergency Response to Terrorism (ERT), follow the same process in Getting Started but specify the curriculum. Click on link below to access each respective course description, sample agenda, and pricing

ASLS® TC Requirements

To become an Advanced Stroke Life Support® Training Center requires:

  • Ownership of a licensed curriculum package or instructor toolkit
    1. CD-ROM set - course lectures and interactive learning game
    2. Pre- and posttest, master MEND checklist
    3. Laminated posters for practical skills sessions (4)
  • Trained ASLS® instructors
  • Current course materials for those to be taught
    1. Provider Manual
    2. Laminated pocket guide
  • Signed acceptance of the terms and conditions.


Obtain a curriculum package: Email for a formal price quote

Order learner materials: Email your order, including detailed item descriptions and quantities, along with shipping address and method of payment

Have instructors trained in Miami: Register for provider and/or instructor classes at the Gordon Center

Host instructor training at my facility: Email to obtain price quote, select dates, and make arrangements